Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Way...........12

The people of God, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the called-out ones, the assembly, are NOT the divided sectarian group that is visible on the earth. The former DO NOT have an earthly name such as baptist, methodist, episcopal, catholic, protestant, charismatic, lutheran, pentecostal, assembly/church of god/christ, etc., etc., etc. THEY DO NOT HAVE AN EARTHLY NAME -PERIOD! Their name is written on their forehead (symbolic of their mind), and THEIR NAME IS CHRIST'S NAME (Rev. 3:2), not a man given name.

The Spirit world "came first" and is THE REAL WORLD. The so-called natural visible world "comes second" as it is the OUTWARD EXPRESSION OF THAT WHICH ALREADY EXISTS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD! THEREFORE THERE IS NO DIVISION IN THE PEOPLE OF GOD - their Life is hid (has always existed) with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). Again, THE SPIRIT WORLD IS -THE -REAL-WORLD. The natural, visible world is "shadow or appearance" of the Spirit World. An individual's shadow is not the real individual!

The natural visible world is a mirror opposite of the Spirit World; it is a backward /reverse expression of the Spirit World. When an individual looks in a mirror he sees himself "backward"; his right hand appears as his left in the mirror, etc.

The visible world is SYMBOL or METAPHORE; an outward expression of INWARD REALITY. The inner reality- the Spirit World- gives the outward visible world it's life or existence. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE NATURAL VISIBLE WORLD TO HAVE PRE EXISTED THE SPIRIT WORLD!

The physical, historical, man Jesus may be the "second Adam" (second man), but He pre existed in Spirit form before His birth in a physical body. HE HAS ALWAYS EXISTED-HE IS THE MAN!

Therefore, the outward visible process that is occurring on the earth is the UNFOLDING or TRANSFORMATION OF SYMBOL INTO SUBSTANCE. The shadow is turning into reality- the "New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God" (Rev. 3:12) is a discription of this process. It appears as a process because it is carried out in the realm of time, but actually already IS in the Spirit World.

The individuals who "make up" the Body/Bride of Christ ARE BECOMING WHO THEY ARE!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Way.......11

The world has been described as appearance.. It can also be called "counterfeit Christ, opposite Christ or anti-Christ". This is the world SYSTEM. This system is snare or trap. It is "little bit truth mixed with lot of error".

As the Spirit World of Light and Love, which exists all around us on the earth continues it's "ever expanding", so likewise the world system expands and reaches it's tentacles into the lives of every individual. But this is nothing to fear, for it is not reality. It is false image not TRUE IMAGE. As written previously, the True Image; ie, Christ, is present in the world system and is the world system's strength, BUT DOES NOT HAVE CHRIST'S CHARACTER. As Christ is reality or substance in the world and is the world's Life and is hidden within, so also is the same principle true in each individual- the True Person is hidden within-"covered over" by "false person".

The world as we know it could have no existence at all without the Spirit World. The Spirit World is enmeshed and/or mingled in the visible world. The Spirit World is the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is being revealed in the visible world through chosen individuals living their lives in accordance with the Spirit of the Kingdom, which is Willing Goodness.

The catastrophe's and upheavals on the earth are the "collateral damage" of the substance/reality/True Image of God coming forth in the earth. Everything that can be shaken is shaken. This is the judgment/dividing/separating written of previously. Everything that is not of True Character is crushed into powder; every edifice that man has built to "protect himself from him SELF, is doomed to failure-religion, politics, government, education, science, etc. The shaking/upheaval/catastrophe's are not caused by an outside force, but is built in the system/edifice by it's nature/character. That entity or group which suffers the upheaval, carries it's own seed of destruction within itself- it destroys itself, because it is false character/nature or against True nature/character-Proverbs 1:24-32.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Letter To the House Churches

It is not by might,nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord.
What man has drawn together, I will most assuredly divide and break in pieces. Everything together that is not of MY CHARACTER/NATURE, Willing Goodness, will be broken up and scattered to the four winds. Just because "that is what they did in the early church" does not mean I am doing it in this day. I am doing a new thing in this day, that men will not, and do not understand, that will cause their ears to tingle when hearing of it.

My True Body is invisible and I will cause it to become visible at My appointed time, so that when it does, I will receive Glory and Praise and not man-because it will be seen throughout the earth and all men shall wail and beat their chests over it; they will see whom they have pierced.

My complete body already exists in the invisible. It is man who "tries to make things happen" by establishing groups to protect himself from his TRUE SELF which is ME.

There are many in baby stage who need the visible, for they are not yet able to see the invisible. I am not speaking to them. I am dealing with men individually, and when these men become adults, then I place them in position to do My Work. They ARE joined together, BUT NOT IN VISIBLE GROUPS, so that when THEY SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE, all the world will know I AM HE, because these men have not communicated with each other in the natural, to "get their stories together".

I have not chosen the high and mighty, but the lowly and despised. I have chosen those who wish not to be known. These do not push themselves forward, desiring to be recognized. The desire for recognition is a great high mental tower that I am against (for it is against me), and shall be broken and cast down in the dust.

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Way.......10

"Growth" is actually expanded awareness. "Until we all advance into the oneness of the faith and personal knowledge (experience) of the Son of God into a man of full growth: into the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ; that we may no longer be infants-billow tossed and shifted about with every wind of teaching-in the craft of men-in knavery suited to the artifice of error; but pursuing truth may in love GROW into Him in all things- Who is the Head, Christ, of Whom all the body- fitly framing itself together and connecting itself, through means of every joint of supply, by way of energizing in the measure of each single part-secures the GROWING of the body unto an upbuilding of itself in Love."(Eph. 4:13-16)

Because there is really ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE, and that Person is the HEAD OF ALL THINGS, in our ever expanding awareness we become like Him who is the head. We become His character/nature; think His thoughts, and express Willing Goodness through our bodies by using them in His work.

In the visible earth, growth is shown as an "upward rising" and an increase in knowledge/understanding of how things are-an expanded awareness of the world around us.

There are levels or stages in this life, and within each stage or level there are multitudes of stages and levels. Broadly speaking, the levels are childhood, teenage, and mature adulthood. The multitude levels within each stage/level is shown by the years of life lived in each of the three main stage/levels. The first two levels are "preparation for adulthood". The adulthood stage is the longest.

Our knowledge/understanding of the way things are must be ever increasing/expanding, because this is the determining factor of our "place" or "mansion" in the spirit world. Not that we desire knowledge / understanding for it's own sake or to impress others, but to use it in the edification and building up and increasing the growth-expanded awareness-of the rest of the body, so that WE ALL INCREASE TOGETHER in the experience of the Head-Christ.

The more knowledge/understanding we are given-the "lower"we become. He that would be greatest, becomes the least. The mountains and hills are made low and the valleys are lifted up.

The world is the necessary realm used by the Father in returning souls to Himself. The world is the realm of overcoming. The word overcome presupposes the existance of an obstacle which needs to be overcome. Overcoming brings expanded awareness-growth. The world is "resistance to overcoming." Overcoming doesn't occur by force or coersion, but by "standing still" or by "non-resistance to resistance". To force one's self through life increases resistance, hence the "building of fire" previously written of. To force one's self through life eventually results in a "see what I have done!" mentality.

That which is occurring in the world is the mirrored opposite of what is occurring in the spirit world. The world is "appearance". Appearance must be overcome to find reality. Appearance, as adversity, is "opportunity to overcome-disguised". Adversity is the cloak or covering of reality (Christ) which is hidden within it. Everything is Spirit, but in the world it appears not to be. Everything is Spirit, because Spirit is the essence or life of all things. Spirit is Willing Goodness/Love/Truth-CHRIST. HE comes to one disguised as adversity saying, "you want to know Me? HERE I AM!"

Heavensandearth....they come together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Way.........9

God's secret weapon is transformation. Because He loves His assembly; His Bride; His dwelling place, He graciously awaits her transformation-when she "makes herself ready", by willingly undergoing the transformation.

"And I heard a voice of a great multitude, and as a voice of many waters, and as a voice of mighty thunderings saying, Hallelujah! Because the Lord our God the Almighty has become King. Let us rejoice and exult and give Glory unto Him, because the marriage(the union/becoming one) of the Lamb is come, AND HIS BRIDE HAS MADE HERSELF READY..." (Rev.19:6-7)

This is the ongoing present day process that is occurring in the earth, which produces in the lawless of the earth, the experience of anguish and woe. This is the DAY OF HARVEST; the DAY of uprooting of the plants which the Heavenly Father has not planted; the DAY of judgment/dividing; the DAY of separating the "goats" from among the "sheep". This is the DAY OF THE CULMINATION OF THE PLAN OF GOD, which is the DAY of FILLING THE EARTH WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The "coming out of Babylon of untold multitudes that is occurring on earth today, is evidence of this transformation process, and shows the truth of scripture. This multitude leaves the "inner Babylon", and it simultaneously causes an outward withdrawing from the unholy city. They leave the "religious aspect" of this lawless system behind. These are temporarily hidden from the eyes of the world, but are the "salvation" of it. They are looked upon by those they leave behind as loners; lone wolves; extremists, and religious fanatics. This calling of names is merely part of the Father's love for them as it is part of the transforming"fire" of His Love. It APPEARS that they are alone-"sheep without a shepherd", but Jesus has went/is going before them and THEY NEED NO VISIBLE LEADER, FOR THAT IS A PART OF THE OLD SYSTEM, which has become corrupted, "I know that there will enter....grevious wolves into your midst, not sparing the flock and from among your ownselves will arise men speaking distorted things to draw away the disciples after themselves" (Acts 20:20). They each obey their inner Leader, so they need no outward visible one. They need not gather themselves together in a visible assembly as that is for babies who know no different. Their gathering together is done by God's "invisible string or cord" of Love- the same Power that binds everything else in creation and holds it together.

The old system "has had it's day"-IT'S DAY IS PAST AND THE NEW DAY IS HERE!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Way.....8

In this time or age of the culmination af all things, God is separating unto himself his chosen ones; they who were chosen before the foundation of all things. These chosen ones are experiencing a "drawing inward into Himself", which is their TRUE SELF; as there is really only ONE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE. This "action" is a simultaneous "pressure/drawing".

There are innumerable writings about "how to live a Godly life"; about scripture and "how to apply it to one's daily life", and various "practicing of principles". In the chosen ones this leads to an inner dissatisfaction-to him or her, these how to's/applications/pumping of principles are not enough. The chosen ones believe there "must be more"......and there is more.

These how to's, etc., are merely the using of outward means to correct an inner problem, and that is the way of the world. It is a type of force/coersion. Reality is not found this way as that is part of the "running to and fro" that is described in Daniel 12.

There is a certain group of "teachers" in the earth which have put forth the "doctrine" or teaching of something they call the "rapture". The "catching away" which they describe as a "taking up and transformation" of physical bodies, is actually an INNER CATCHING AWAY or INNER TAKING UP TO GOD AND TO HIS THRONE (sphere of authority).

This occurrance is actually an OVERCOMING PROCESS, similar to a "birth", that the chosen ones go through which is in "three's", with the emphasis on the third of the three, and this is described in Revelation 12, thusly: "And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman arrayed with the sun and the moon beneath her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child and cried out being in pangs and in anguish to bring forth. And there appeared another sign in heaven and lo! a great red dragon.....and the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bring forth, that as soon as she should bring forth, he might devour her child. And she brought forth a son, a manchild.....and her child was CAUGHT AWAY UNTO GOD AND UNTO HIS THRONE" " AND THEY OVERCAME HIM (the accuser/dragon) by reason of (1) the blood of the Lamb and (2) by reason of their witnessing word, and (3) THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES EVEN UNTO DEATH" (Rev. 12:1-5,11).

The woman is the "visible, earthly, assembly" ("church"). The chosen one's "come out" of her- she "gives birth" to them. They are "caught away" unto God and unto His throne. This catching away is the overcoming process described in verse 11, with emphasis being placed on the third "part" of the process-'loving not their lives unto death". The chosen ones come out of the "how-to-principle-practicing-multitude" and GO WITHIN THEMSELVES TO FIND THEIR TRUE SELVES (their life is hidden with Christ in God-their true identity-the true image of God). As said previously, God is not up, but IN.

The "teaching" of the "rapture" is false in that it places a false hope in its adherents; it keeps it's followers in babyhood, and is always in the "future"-"I can't wait for the rapture to take me out of this mess"......

True Life is not in the future, but is NOW.

The Way........7

"Simon Peter answering, said--you are the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answering, said to him, happy are you Simon bar jonah,- because flesh and blood have not revealed it unto you, but my Father who is in the heavens" (Math. 16:16-17) "For what makes you to differ? and what have you which you did not receive? But if you did even receive it why do you boast as though you had not received it?" (1 Cor. 4:7)

All that man has and is he has received. All knowledge and understanding is "God knowing". When an individual experiences this it is actually "God knowing himself" in the individual. The problem that man has in his blindness, is that he takes the credit for any truth or understanding that he experiences. He thinks that because he experienced it that it came from him as a source.

The soul is "instrument of expression". Soul is the instrument by/through which God expresses himself. God is initiator; man receives and expresses what God initiates. A soul that is pure as glass expresses what he or she is given exactly in accordance with the Spirit/character/nature of the ONE giving it. A pure soul is the result of overcoming all adversity. A pure soul dwells in heaven/the kingdom of God, and has a continual feast.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Way....6

In the book of Revelation many "things" occur or are described by John as things he saw. They are described as though they occurred in consecutive order. However, in Spirit realm it is not so, for EVERYTHING OCCURRS SIMULTANEOUSLY. The happening of "one thing after another" relates to time, but Spirit is "outside of time". Spirit permeates everything, but is not bound by anything.

That which John saw and wrote down in what we now call Revelation, is actually OCCURRING AT THE PRESENT MOMENT ON EARTH. It is not going to happen in the future, but is on-going NOW and has been "going on' since the beginning.

Christ is crucified TODAY. Christ is raised from the dead TODAY. Christ is ruling from the throne (term for position of power or authority) TODAY. Christ comes TODAY. Christ is caught up to God and to his throne TODAY. The "judgment seat of Christ" is happening TODAY. the "goats" are being separated (divided/judged) from the "sheep" TODAY.

The result of all this is being "mirrored" or "played out" or reflected in the realm of time, upon the earth TODAY. What is happening on the earth--individual, internal warfare; group warfare; nation warfare- all that is negative, is the result of what is occurring in the Spirit realm. The turmoil that is occurring in the "sea of mankind", is projected outwardly in the physical world or visible world.

A particular "trait" of this age is "speed". "But you Daniel close up the words, and seal the book UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END,- many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall abound," (Daniel 12:4) In this day one thing is no sooner invented then another takes it's place. Instant communications; instant food, etc. The "speeding up" of things occurrs on the earth in the realm of time.In Spirit it is a culmination of the "march of God in history". This then, is reflected on earth as a "speeding up". The mind of man "runs to and fro" and this is reflected in his daily life individually by physically "running to and fro". People drive fast; talk fast; listen to fast "music"; are impatient; are aggravated at having to wait, etc., etc.

Christ is calling HIS PEOPLE to himself today. He says, "Come out of her (Babylon/false mind/city), MY PEOPLE that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and of her plagues that you may not receive; because her sins were joined together as far as heaven and God has remembered her unrighteous deeds." (Revelation 18:4-5)

There is a "pressure to unity" in the earth, but it is false unity- a pressure for everyone to "think alike", a herd mentality. This pressure is the mirrored opposite of the pressure of God unto TRUE ONENESS in him, that is operating in the spirit realm at this present moment. The false unity uses subtle manipulation, which is coersion with a "smiley face". It uses envy and class warfare to gain its ends.

The people of God are not a part of it because they know who they are.

The Way.........5

"Alas! for them who DRAW ON THEMSELVES punishment with cords of falsehood.....Alas! for them who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter...Alas! for them who are wise in their own eyes and in their own sight are prudent" (Isaiah 5:18,20-21) The works of these souls draws unto themselves consequences. Because their works are contrary to truth, the consequences are in accordance with their lawless deeds. " Because I called and you refused, I stretched out my hand and no one regarded; but you dismissed all my counsel and to my rebuke would not yield, I also at your calamity will laugh, I will mock when comes your dread (that which you have dreaded--feared--comes upon you); when comes as a crashing your dread and your calamity as a storm wind overtakes, when there come upon you distress and anguish. Then will they call upon me, but I will not answer, they will seek me diligently, but shall not find me. BECAUSE THEY HATED KNOWLEDGE and the reverence of Yahweh did not choose; consented not to my counsel; disdained all my rebuke, THEREFORE THEY SHALL EAT THE FRUIT OF THEIR OWN WAY AND WITH THEIR OWN COUNSELS BE FILLED. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them and the carelessness of dullards will destroy them" (Proverbs 1:24-32) "And he (Jesus) answering said- every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted: let them alone! they are blind leaders ; and if the blind lead the blind both into a ditch will fall" (Matthew 15:13-14)

These souls are not to be fought against by they who are of the truth, for to do so is to enter into their lawless methods, which is warfare based on reverse or backward faith; ie, fear. Jesus says the heavenly Father has let them alone and they who are of the truth will do the same. These lawless ones are warring against their true selves; they have forsaken the truth and have turned the truth into a lie within themselves and "see things" the opposite of what they REALLY are, therefore, let them alone because they are destroying themselves by their own "faith" and works-"lifestyle". This is the house that is divided against itself; ie, it's TRUE self, which cannot stand.

This self (false self) destructive process--this reaping the consequences of one's own behavior- is the method by which Willing Goodness purges/purifies lawlessness from the earth.

True knowledge and understanding of the way things are is withheld from the resistant soul, because of his/her soul condition or state of being. Jesus calls this condition blindness. "And the disciples coming near said to him, wherefore in parables are you speaking to them? And he answering said, because unto YOU IT HAS BEEN GIVEN to get to know the sacred secrets of the kingdom of the heavens- whereas unto them it has not been given. For whosoever (already) has, it shall be given to him and he shall be made to abound--but whoever has not, even what (little) he has shall be taken from him.....because seeing (in thinking that they see) they see not-neither do they Isaiah said, they shall surely hear and yet will not understand, and surely see and yet not perceive; for the heart of this people has become dense and with their ears heavily have they heard, and their eyes have they closed "(Matthew 13:10-15)

The blind one's "way" of seeing; his "world view"; his "outlook on life"-HIS FAITH, must undergo a transformation in order for him or her to begin to be able to see. He or she must come to the realization that they are in fact blind, in order for them to begin seeing. The more they insist that they see, the more their blindness is reinforced/made stronger. "For judgment (dividing/separating) I unto this world came: that they who were not seeing (they who acknowledge their blindness) might see, and they who were seeing (they who insist that they see) might become blind (more blind). They of the pharisees who were with him heard these things and said unto him, are we also blind? Jesus sais unto them- if blind you had been (if you acknowledge your blindness) you had not had sin; but now you say 'we see', your sin abides" (John9:38-41) These blind ones are they who Jesus said to"let alone". They actively resist truth and fight against anyone who attempts to speak it to them. "Do not give what is holy unto dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine,-lest once they trample them down with their feet, and turning tear you" (Math. 7:6)

They who are blind have "opposite faith". Not only do they stop their ears at hearing the truth (Acts 7:57) they want to kill the messenger that brings it.